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By Magnumb P.I., November 22, 2014 0

After 3 months of playing this game a few minutes per day, a verdict has finally been reached. Star Wars… Read More »

By Magnumb P.I., November 21, 2014 0 ,

Did Ubisoft do a hack-job on the Wii U release? Read on and see how the Wii U stacks up to… Read More »

By Magnumb P.I., November 20, 2014 0 Game News, Gaming

For those of you who are avid Nintendo gamers, digital copies of the Wii U are available for pre-purchase and pre-loading through Nintendo’s online site and the e-Shop. Why does that matter? The Big N wants to make sure that… Read More »

By Griffyth, November 18, 2014 0 Gaming

Several people have asked how to get your first horse (mount) on Dragon Age Inquisition. It’s pretty simple, and you can get one right at the beginning of the game. All you have to do is complete the “tutorial” region… Read More »

By Magnumb P.I., November 17, 2014 0 Film & TV, Film News

If you purchase digital movies through iTunes and other digital stores, the highest grossing film of 2014 (thus far) is now available for purchase at $19.99 USD. Check out our glowing review of the MCU kicking off its space opera… Read More »

By Magnumb P.I., November 14, 2014 0 Film & TV, Film Review

Spoilers ahead and this review is intended for folks who’ve already watched the film. How stellar is Christopher Nolan‘s latest film? For a movie that’s been hyped since December 2013, Interstellar has generated quite the anticipation amongst sci-fi geeks. It… Read More »

By Magnumb P.I., November 11, 2014 0 Film & TV, TV Review

Aaron Sorkin’s cleverly written show about a cable news division is back for its third and final season. In classic Sorkin style, the overall plots are divided into many interweaving subplots. The main focus (real news story) of the episode… Read More »

By Magnumb P.I., November 11, 2014 0 Game Trailers

The Assassin’s Creed franchise has been making steady improvements to keep each installment fresh. The upcoming Unity has added many improvements with a streaming world inside and outside of buildings, as well as, parkour moves not just up the buildings,… Read More »

By Magnumb P.I., November 11, 2014 0 Editorial, Wii U

Everywhere you turn, it seems like the Legend of Zelda is everywhere these days. There was a period of time between the console releases of the SNES’ Link to the Past in 1991 to the 1998 N64 installment – Ocarina of… Read More »

By Magnumb P.I., November 10, 2014 0 TV Review

Warning: Spoilers are dead ahead. After a strong 4 episodes from TWD, the writers decide to do a little backstory on the DC-bound group led by Sgt. Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) who’s main mission is to escort Dr. Eugene Porter… Read More »