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Trailer Blazing: The Scariness of Outlast 2’s Trailer


Have you ever played a horror game and had to turn it off because you were too scared? There aren’t too many games out there where I’ve felt compelled to turn the lights on in the room and ask for company. The first game that comes to mind is Eternal Darkness or the original Resident Evil (Remake) games for Gamecube. Even the Silent Hill remake for Wii made me hate carrying flashlights in the dark. You ever seen a grown man ask his wife to check on the water heater in the middle of the night? That’s me. I’ve made up excuses like my gout has flared up in my ankles.

A game that has since re-invented the claustrophobic, run-for-your-life is the first-person survival horror game from Red Barrels – Outlast. The trailer to the sequel just dropped and it is just down right scary. If you thought the IT trailer made the hair on the back of your neck stand, the creepy singing and imagery here should do the same. If you haven’t seen it, the trailer is posted below.

What did you think of the creepy trailer? Outlast 2 drops this Tuesday, April 25th for Windows PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One at a retail price of $29.99 for download. A physical copy of the game will also be made available at $39.99. No word yet if the game will make its way to Nintendo Switch. Imagine taking this baby on the go with you in the woods…yikes!

Source(s): Red Barrels YouTube Channel


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