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Trailer Blazing: Marvel’s The Defenders Impressions

The Defenders-2

Yes. Yes. Yes! We’ve known now that the team-up following the not-so heralded Iron Fist show is coming to us on August 18th.. We finally got a proper trailer that’s not an elevator ride or a cutout of words. What we received was a solid and hopefully a non-spoiling of latter episodes preview of the chemistry dynamics between the individual members of The Defenders. Thankfully, Marvel, ABC Studios, and Netflix have the 4 shows linked with common characters like Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) and Jeri Hogarth (Carrie Ann Moss). The overseers of these MCU IPs, since Season 1 of Daredevil, has slowly developed the secret organization The Hand as a formidable adversary. Remember that huge unexplained hole in the middle of Hell’s Kitchen? If you’re familiar with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT), The Hand is the serious version of The Foot (see what I did there). What I hope is that The Hand somehow links to other organizations in the MCU to finally link them. Maybe The Hand and Hydra are interrelated somehow.

Just a couple of highlights I enjoyed from the trailer were:
Danny Rand punching Luke Cage in the face with his iron fist. It made for a throwback to the slow-motion replays of the Knockout Kings game of yesteryear.
Danny Rand doing a rundown of the team, which was very reminiscent of Tony Stark’s rundown in Avengers before Loki throws him out the window.
Another hallway action sequence. Ever since Season 1 of Daredevil, a hallway fight scene has seem to capture some of the best moments of the MCU Netflix shows. Is it the claustrophobia of a tight space. My only hope is that this isn’t an action sequence from the final episode of The Defenders.

You’ll notice that Danny Rand is featured in all 3 highlights I’ve listed above. The Defenders, in my opinion, will hopefully serve to restore the faith in Iron Fist as a viable series for Netflix moving forward. Ripley herself, Sigourney Weaver, will be on hand to round out the talented cast of characters. With Hela being our first big screen villain in the MCU, maybe Weaver will surprise us and be the one that sets the bar way high for MCU and all comic book shows on the small screen.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what your hopes are for The Defenders.

Source(s): Netflix YouTube Channel

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