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Trailer Blazing: Marvel vs. Capcom – Infinite


A game that has gaming tournaments waiting in anticipation is the next installment in the Marvel vs. Capcom (MvC) franchise. Based on the trailer, this game looks to give gamers the most robust roster ever line-up ever presented in the history of MvC. The new clips of Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield tag-teaming with Hawkeye against Thor has me throwing my Nintendo Switch up in the air. Of course my cat-like reflexes means the Switch will not have any damage taken, but “will my Switch screen be populated with these characters?,” is another question altogether. The subtitle Infinite might mean the incorporation of Infinity Stones as the clips show Ultron trapping Hawkeye in a Tesseract box of sorts.

The game drops on September 19th for the PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. Hopefully, the Nintendo Switch will get a copy announced at E3 2017 for those gamers who want to take their Marvel vs. Capcom rage on the road with them. Given the love Nintendo gave Mega Man in the last Smash Bros. game, perhaps it’s due time for the MvC franchise to makes its debut on a Nintendo console. We’re not counting Tatsunoko vs. Capcom for the Wii.

Source(s): Marvel Entertainment YouTube Channel

Pete Taase once was a Sith Lord, but was brought back from the depths of dark side by his younglings and old VHS cassettes that require the tracking button to make the screen clearer to view.

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