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The MCU: Vol. 2 Makes $56.3 Million on Its Friday Opening


The Hollywood Reporter is already reporting a huge first day for the James Gunn sequel to the 2014 surprise hit – Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG). It has reported to make $56.3 million off of Friday receipts alone. This isn’t bad as it’s tracking right on target to surpass $140 million for opening weekend. For the preview late Thursday night release, GotG Vol. 2 made an additional $17 million. This is good news for Disney and its superhero house Marvel Studios as it continues its streak of box office winning.

Disney hopes that Guardians will join Beauty and the Beast as the next billion dollar earner for the distributor. If the James Gunn sequel can pull it off for the House of Mickey, it could set up a hat trick of billion earners for the studio with the late May release of the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Have you seen GotG Vol. 2? Do you plan to watch it again?

Source(s): The Hollywood Reporter


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