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The MCU: The Sophomore Seasons of Agent Carter and Daredevil


The sophomore year in TV Land means that you’ve garnered enough attention to warrant deeper exploration into your micro-verse. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), two shows…existing in the same space (but not time) are prepping to give their audiences a second look at what each can do on their own. Meant to explore the MCU in post-World War II America, Marvel’s Agent Carter starring Hayley Attwell is moving from New York to Hollywood. There’s so much upside to the show that features Tony Stark’s dad and the real Jarvis that fans of the film can be up to their elbows in backstory. Seriously.

Below is a look back at the very comic-book-looking first season of Peggy Carter.

Will we get a look at the origins of Hank Pym’s Ant-Man? Maybe a tie-in to Peter Quill’s mom and secret pops getting together to make a young lord of the stars perhaps? On Tuesday, January 19th, Agent Carter will answer these questions (or not).

For the second-helping of MCU dark crime-noir story of Daredevil, Marvel has unleashed a moving poster that zooms out to show a punishing symbol of what we’re going to get. The first season featured some top-tier acting performances. Season 2 will no doubt continue the trend…but how will they integrate the bullets of Frank Castle? We only have to wait until March 18th.

Check out the impressive poster preview below.

The MCU doesn’t look to slow down…going into Phase III and on TV. You ready?




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