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The MCU: Spider-Man in the New Civil War Trailer


…and the impact of ‘Underoos’

The newest trailer for Captain America: Civil War has just slapped the world upside its head this morning. The bearing fruit of the Kevin Feige / Sony Summit has just been tasted. For the most part, outside of the cartoony costume, it’s tasting pretty sweet. Peter Parker’s appearance at the end of the trailer already has a lot of fans pumping their fists in excitement. Spidey has always been the poster boy for Marvel Comics. Wolverine might be a close second to this title. The fact that Webhead is now a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is old news. Seeing him square off against Captain America on film was today’s the coup de gras. How about Tony Stark calling him ‘Underoos’? Warner Bros’ hype for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (BvS) may have just been undermined by the MCU’s latest.

The trailer also featured more action from Ant-Man (Team Captain America) and Black Panther (Team Iron Man). Seeing both in action really lend help to change up the Avengers line-up. Seeing a miniaturized Ant-Man attack Iron-Man will probably be overlooked…and the Black Panther’s role is probably going to be underscored as well. Both newcomers were looking impressive.

What will also be overlooked (and shouldn’t) is the Scarlett Witch v. Vision fight. It’s brief but these two are probably more powerful of the bunch. The fight may lead to the duo’s romantic entanglement from the comics.

What was your reaction to ‘Underoos’?




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