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The MCU: Seasoned and Battle Tested


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (MAoS), Agent Carter, and Daredevil are the current representation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) on the small screen. All three shows have enough comic book “pow” to keep viewers engaged and fuel new seasons. At the moment, all three shows are in full swing with filming their next respective chapters. This momentum wasn’t always the case with MAoS as it struggled out of the gate trying to establish its Whedon-esque Firefly formula. Anyone not think Serenity and Coulson’s Bus are kind of the same character hub?

In an uncommon TV turn of events, MAoS‘ sophomore season it’s risen like the Jean Grey Phoenix to become one of television’s must-watch shows. According to Marvel’s main website, the beautiful Chloe Bennett has even shortened her locks to mold herself into comic book seismic-wielder –  Daisy Quake Johnson.

There’s also a poster that suggests a theme of “Secret Warriors” for MAoS Season 3. Whatever the case, we’re confident that MAoS is going to continue to impress audiences as (in)humanly possible…especially with the Season 2 Finale cliffhanger question of – “What happened to Simmons?”

On the timepiece MCU front, Agent Carter’s exploration of everything post Captain America: The First Avenger to the late 80s sequences of found in the recently released Hank Pym footage is gearing up for its second season. There’s definitely room to expand the cast of characters and even leapfrog years / decades since Peggy Carter is still alive in the present day MCU. Yet it’s been confirmed that the story for next season will take place two years after the first. Here are just a couple of scenarios of wishful thinking:

  • A Hank Pym / Ant-Man origins story
  • Meredith Quill, Star-Lord’s mom, is portrayed by Laura Jane Haddock. This actress can be seen on Captain America: The First Avenger as an autograph seeker. Connection? We hope so.
  • Let’s have a background story going on the Mystic Realm that Doctor Strange will occupy as a precursor.
  • Let’s get pre-MCU echoes from the Sanctuary where Thanos lives.

The initial Netflix foray into The Defenders with a solo Daredevil show has proven to be one of the MCU’s biggest developments of 2015. Darker. Edgier. It’s everything a DC Comics fan wants out of a live-action Batman TV series. It’s so good that flashes of the current Batman actor, Ben Affleck, as Matt Murdock are a distant memory. The series is powered by solid acting performances by Charlie Cox and his supporting cast. Throw in the confirmation of Jon Bernthal in the mix as Frank Castle and now the series looks to dish out punishment like never before.


Source: Photo Taken from Marvel’s Website




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