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The MCU: NYCC – Jessica Jones Gets Darker


At New York Comic Con (NYCC) this past weekend, the devout line warriors of Marvel were treated with the first pilot episode of Jessica Jones. The move to Netflix continues to pay dividends for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Much to the cringing of parents who brought their kids to NYCC, the heroine turned private investigator lives in dark world under the purple haze of influence. This show is much more adult oriented than the first Netflix outing with Matt Murdock. Sex, alcohol, and all the bad language that Steve Rogers can’t tolerate are front and center.

Jessica Jones super human strength and her ability to fly (or just leap high into the air like the Hulk) are on display here. What’s exciting about her abilities is that she’s no slouch in the powers department. She can take on Daisy Quake Johnson, Lash, and Daredevil and could just win on abilities alone. What’s even cooler is her flawed psyche and how that is the crippling to her powers as opposed to a physical piece of Kryptonite. Conceptually, this is all good for the audience…and bad for haters. Jessica Jones is already receiving a lot of buzz out of NYCC on the pilot episode alone. On November 20th, everyone will know her name and the MCU will explore parts unknown.

Seriously though, who would win in a fight between Daisy Quake Johnson and Jessica Jones?




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