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The DCEU: James Wan Confirms The Filming of Aquaman


Once upon a time, an Aquaman film only existed on within the confines of the HBO Show Entourage. James Cameron was pseudo-attached to that project that was to be Vinny Chase’s big blockbuster film. Just yesterday, a different director with the name of James tweeted out a picture of what looks like the inside of a submarine tank. It was an odd choice, but maybe it’ll all make sense once Aquaman is completed. This is, of course, a special film for me personally because it starts one of my favorite dudes in all of Hollywood – Jason Momoa.


Wan’s credentials include the scary Conjuring and Conjuring 2 films. He’s also dabbled in the Fast & Furious franchise as well. He’s a solid director and Warner Bros. should feel very optimistic about the future of the DC Extended Universe. We are too.

The Momoa and Wan duo will unleash their project on the world on December 21, 2018 as a Christmas gift next year. What do you make of that submarine photo?


Pete Taase once was a Sith Lord, but was brought back from the depths of dark side by his younglings and old VHS cassettes that require the tracking button to make the screen clearer to view.

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