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Should Disney Re-Hire James Gunn?


The Hollywood Reporter published a couple of articles about the response to the firing of Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG) director James Gunn. Overall, the actors are rallying behind their director, which should lead to interesting developments surrounding the third installment of the franchise. Gunn’s comments suggest that the draft for the third GotG film was already completed and set to start filming soon. Yet with these developments, what’s Disney to do? Let’s go over some options.

Option # 1Drop the Guardians franchise altogether. Given the support of the actors of their separated director, Disney may not want to deal with a cast of popular actors reluctantly going to work everyday without Gunn.

Option # 2Hire a new director. For reasons stated in the first option, this is not a good fit either. It’s not like it’s the Peyton Reed and Edgar Wright situation with Marvel’s Ant-Man where that film wasn’t even filmed and released. In the GotG case, you have two established films in the franchise that have Gunn’s initials tattooed all over them. Everything from the humor, the music, and the literal dancing of Groot is rooted (no pun intended) with James Gunn.

Option # 3Re-hire Gunn. There’s currently a petition that’s almost up to 300K in folks signing on to urge Disney to rehire the recently separated director. Actress Selma Blair has been pushing this petition and while it is improbable in today’s world to see Disney walk this back, it makes the most sense. Just hear me out on this.

From a business perspective and according to Box Office Mojo, there are 1.6 billion reasons why Disney should re-hire Gunn. This will also have a residual effect on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as a whole amongst the actors. The MCU is the highest grossing franchise of films ever at $12 billion. To upset this machinery would be foolish on the part of Disney. Moreover, walking this back will show that the Bob Iger-led Disney will not succumb to alt-right pressure. After Helsinki a week ago, I would think we are all united in our society in the need to be courageous.

Was James Gunn in the wrong? Yes, even if the tweets are old.

What’s the difference between Gunn and others that dominate the news cycle? He’s owned his wrongdoings of his past and has not continued to lie about it. In today’s world of “would” and “wouldn’t” current dishonesty, Gunn’s apology is welcomed good form for once.

So, let’s do it Disney. Let’s show the compassion…that values of Walt Disney that I was raised on and that I raise my children on…and re-hire Gunn.

If you want Gunn back, fill out the petition by clicking here.




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