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Short Film Review: Lava


Before watching the critically acclaimed Pixar masterpiece Inside Out, audiences not still standing in line to get popcorn are treated to another work of excellent filmmaking. For seven minutes, the film treats us to a singing volcano named Uku singing about his loneliness. What shines in this film are Pixar’s incredible graphical fidelity mixed with thoughtful scene selection and powerful music to bring together an incredible final work of art. It worked for the studios previous works in One Man Band, Luna, and the Blue Umbrella. It again works beautifully with enough freshness to keep this winning formula…winning. If there is a nit-picky chink in the armor for this film, it’s the geological and seismological impossibility of it all. Then again, we are talking about a singing volcano.

How do you score simplicity? When the credits rolled, there was applause and sighing at just how entertaining it was every step of the way.This is yet another classic by the wizards out of Emeryville.

Final Score: A






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