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SDCC 2015 Highlights Day 4: Heroes Reborn


Once again, we’d like to thank Flicks in the City and We Live Filmfor providing video coverage of each of the Comic Con panels that are displayed in this post.

The biggest highlight from Sunday goes to Heroes: Reborn. Many fans and of our press colleagues seemed to have mixed feelings towards the NBC reboot, but after Sunday’s panel, every layer of doubt seems to have subsided. For now. The Heroes panel started off with a surprise appearance from Masi Oka, best known as Hiro Nakamura. Then, the audience of Hall H was treated to the entire pilot of Heroes: Reborn. And you know what? It was pretty awesome. Heroes Reborn is set to premiere September 24th on NBC.

Another big highlight was the announcement of the Regular Show Movie. The announcement was made early in the week, but the trailer was released a few moments ago. The first comment on the video made by Devo Fauzan Rahman illustrates a great point, the writers of the movie missed a golden opportunity to title the film, “Regular Movie.” Check out the trailer below.

Next, the Vampire Diaries panel was a huge hit… again. However, it’s still very strange that Nina Dobrev left the show, seeing how the show was entirely about her. Alas, the show must go on. Vampire Diaries has a very strong fan base and is still one TV’s cult shows.

American Horror Story and Scream Queens took center stage. American Horror Story is American Horror Story. The show has found a niche and has used that niche to gain a loyal and faithful fanbase. The point now is to keep finding new ways to excited the masses. Let’s just hope they don’t get any ideas of creating a genetically modified dinosaur. Scream Queen’s has been heavily advertised in recent months and has an impressive cast, but our team here at gamefob still needs to see a bit more to really get behind the show. You can watch the entire panel below.

Heroes Reborn

Regular Show The Movie

Vampire Diaries

American Horror Story & Scream Queens




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