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It's Marvel. It's LEGO.

Game Info

GAME NAME: Lego Marvel Super Heroes


PUBLISHER(S): Warner Bros

PLATFORM(S): PC, X1, X360, PS3, PS4, PSV, Wii U, 3DS, DS

GENRE(S): Action Adventure

RELEASE DATE(S): 10/22/2013

The Marvel and LEGO franchises have made heroic feats to entertain the masses and make children under 20 and children over 20 revel in the role of their favorite characters. Under the surface you might dream of swinging through a metropolis with spindling webs, you might want to be a psychopathic ninja, the heroic vanguard of America, the hammer wielding race-car driver, or a raging green tomato.

Regardless of your heroic preference one thing is certain: The Marvel universe is in your hands.

Or bricks.

This title doesn’t focus on the franchise favorite Avengers, or the age-old following of the X-men, or the greatly underappreciated Fantastic Four …. it focuses on all of them at the same time. It’s a cacophony of Marvel fun in the form of everyone’s favorite brick of the non-Minecraft variety.

Get ready to battle Dr. Doom and Loki in a galactic collection quest.

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I Don’t Mash Buttons Without Purpose

This is the cosmic Marvel game where you have access to countless characters in LEGO form, unlike Marvel Heroes you have access to 150 different heroes out of the box. Although the comparison is unfair, Marvel fans have been dreaming of seeing their heroes clash on a scale this size and this is the first true opportunity to see that happen.

The LEGO titles continue enhance bits and pieces of the gameplay system but you’re working with the basic structure you’ve seen before: Charge in as your favorite LEGO hero and mash a button until everything around you is crushed. Literally.

The tri-hero setup for the first few levels introduces the new challenges you’ll be facing, which mostly consist of mashing a button with the appropriate character in the right position (ie: You can’t use the Hulk to climb a rope, but you’ll need to get him to the top of a tower … so what do you do? De-Hulk then Re-Hulk).

It’s surprising how angry a plastic toy can get.

If you’ve played every LEGO game in recent years then you know what to expect, and you might find the game repetitive, but it is difficult to find such a great coop game to play with family and friends – and the LEGO franchise has exploded in popularity making the repetitive mechanics come alive in popular environments (Lord of the Rings, Marvel, DC Universe, etc.).

LEGO Marvel - LEGO Marvel - 2013-10-27 10-22-46

The Voice of LEGO

Recent releases of the LEGO franchise have replaced the silent protagonist(s) with full fledged voice acting which includes big names like Nolan North and Troy Baker, in addition to James Arnold Taylor, Fred Tatasciore, Dee Bradley Baker, Steven Blum, Roger Craig Smith, Travis Willingham, John Eric Bentley, Laura Bailey, Danielle Nicolet, Adrian Pasdar, Phil LaMarr and Dave Boat.

If that wasn’t enough, you can expect to hear John DiMaggio voicing Galactus and Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson.

Stan Lee also makes his token appearance, more than once.

These are the voices of LEGO, they are the voices of Marvel, and they execute the immersive experience you expect with a roster such as that.

LEGO Marvel - LEGO Marvel - 2013-10-27 10-22-26

The Chuckles

Marvel has always been known for it’s cheesy humor with semi-serious political undertones, and this LEGO Marvel title manages to continue the tradition with whimsical wit. Adults will receive their winks with subtle humor and kids will revel in the playful nature of LEGO’s amply provide.

If you don’t laugh at least one, your sense of humor might be at risk.

LEGO Marvel - LEGO Marvel - 2013-10-27 10-23-37


LEGO Marvel is the continuation of a successful franchise that blends the greatest toys from our past with some of the greater superheroes to date. While you won’t find the heroic tale seen in the superhero movies, or the Avengers, or in the Arkham series (Yes, I know, referencing DC in a Marvel review? Blasphemy). The point is, you don’t play a LEGO game for the story – you do it to immerse yourself in a nostalgic experience with some of the best coop in town.

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