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Review: Hercules


The Son of Zeus hit the silver screen again but was this time portrayed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

In many movies, the trailers show snippets of the movie that make the audience assume the overall premise of the film. But then after watching the whole movie, it presents a different understanding. Hercules is another movie on that list. The trailers presented it as another action movie, which it was, but Brett Ratner and his writers took the myth along a different but interesting direction that made Hercules, well, more human.

Johnson’s acting was enough to portray a man who seemed invincible but was haunted by his past. However, he excelled in being a leader amongst men, someone who everyone would listen to. The supporting cast overall was mediocre as they helped reveal more about the Demi-god and realize his full potential. They also provided some comedic relief that was actually funny. Ian McShane and  Reece Ritchie were behind most of the relief.

The film’s pacing was simple but balanced as the movie went from action, to exposition back to action. Ratner was able to introduce characters with unusual names of today’s standards, making it difficult to remember anyone’s name. But he displayed their traits that made them stand out from one another.

You may be asking, “what about the action? It has The Rock in it after all.” The action was not as epic as Clash of the Titans or The Immortals with over-the-top monsters, but it did have some realistic elements. Johnson showed the strength of Hercules, but the full potential of his god-like power didn’t come until towards the end of the movie.

Final Grade: B-




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