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NBA 2K18 and the Kobe and Shaq Funny Commercial


While NBA 2K18 will drop on all systems on September 19th of this year and will most likely continue its dominance as the premiere NBA simulation, it’s their latest commercial that has my attention. As a lifelong Lakers fan, it’s fun to see a trailer where Kobe and Shaq play nice with each other in their old age. They are much more mature now where they will mock their rivalry that divided NBA fans over a decade ago.

Furthermore, it is crazy to think that these two legends shared the same court together. They were so dominant in different aspects of the game. They may not have as many rings together as Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen or Magic and Kareem, but I think these two were much more dominant than those other duos in their physicality and athletic ability. If they had stayed together long enough and Shaq was taking much better care of his body and fitness, they may have surpassed other duos in rings. Laker Nation misses those days now as we see the Celtics already deep in the playoffs so soon after losing their Big 3 of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen.

Enjoy the trailer below if you haven’t seen it? Were you Team Kobe or Team Shaq back in the day?

Source(s): Xbox Youtube Channel


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