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Michael J. Fox And Christopher Lloyd Reunite For ‘Back To The Future’ Day

back to the future day cover

Actors, Michael J. Fox And Christopher Lloyd, reunite for ‘Back To The Future’ Day. As you know, today, October 21st 2015, is the date that Marty McFly traveled to the future with help from Dr. Emitt Brown and the famed DeLorean. Now we’re nowhere near Jaws 19, but we’ve made matched some of the advances from the 80’s classic film. For example, we do have the hover-board, sort of. The Chicago Cubs are in the NDLS and are fighting to become World Series Champions again since 1908. Nike even announced “self-tying” shoes.

So why the reunion? Well, like any smart company, Toyota decided to reunite reunite the 80’s stars to show us a glimpse of our future by turning our trash into fuel for our cars. What a time to be alive.





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