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The MCU: Marvel’s Jessica Jones Coming in November


Marvel Studios, ABC Studios, and Netflix rev up the follow-up to critically acclaimed Daredevil by releasing the next TV show in the planned Defenders rollout. At first glance, it looks like Marvel’s intent is much less broody and more on the post-traumatic stress diseaseof the ex-superhero-turned-detective and her Alias Investigations. Jessica Jones, in Marvel lore, is heavily interwoven throughout different parts of the Marvel Universe…and not just the ones controlled by Disney.

Jessica Jones has ties to Peter Parker and was present when he was bitten by the radioactive spider. We think that we won’t see Spider-Man make a cameo in this new television series because of the rumor on the deal with Sony. The deal is believed to limit the web crawler to big screen films only. Don’t hold your breath on that possibility.Then again, no specifics of the deal between Disney and Sony were disclosed. Jessica also has ties to Tony Stark. Her father worked for Tony…and this could actually become a reality where we could actually see an Iron Man cameo. Finally, Jessica is said to be linked to having visions of Fantastic Four (F4) cosmic foe – Galactus while in a coma shortly after the accident. As we know, 20th Century Fox owns the rights to the F4 universe despite the low scores of this year’s summer entry.

Jessica’s powers originated when her and her family got into a car accident with a military convoy carrying radioactive chemicals. This may link her to the very first scene of Daredevil, where Matt Murdock also received his blindness and enhanced abilities from the exposure to chemicals as a result of a car accident. Her powers are she has superhuman strength, invulnerability, and un-mastered flight. She is also a member of The Avengers at one point and is married to fellow Defender Luke Cage.

That big screen roster could be updated with Defenders now that Tony Stark has parted ways with The Avengers. There’s also that Civil War film that’s coming up next year to change everything the Marvel universe.

That’s enough ranting on my end…check out the trailer below.

Source: Marvel Studios’ YouTube Channel




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