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Joy-Con Straps for Dummies…


…and I’m apparently one of them. Last week, I put together a NBA Playgrounds tournament using four Joy-Cons for a four-player 2-on-2 session. Things were going great, but then I discovered something. As a player of single Joy-Cons as a standalone controller, I never had any issue with the SL and SR shoulder buttons. For my players, I wanted them to feel comfortable. I pulled out four unused Joy-Con straps and offered to put them on. I had no idea how hard it would be without reading the manual. Eventually, I got the Joy-Cons straps on and my players were happy. Some of them didn’t know they wanted one until they felt the comfort of that extra layer of Joy-Con height.

When I heard that Nintendo released Joy-Con straps videos last week on how to attach and detach these innovative controllers, I chuckled at my office desk because this is what I sorely needed. Check out this one below on how to attach.

The second video will quickly help you to detach the Joy-Con straps.

After the play session, the Joy-Con straps led to more laughter that is now evolving into more tournaments with their use. Players are asking to expand our tournament to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and possibly Ultra Streetfighter II: The Final Challengers.

There’s a bigger question to be answered here. Why would Nintendo feel the need to release these videos if there weren’t a lot of dummies, like me, out there?

Source(s): Nintendo YouTube Channel


Pete Taase once was a Sith Lord, but was brought back from the depths of dark side by his younglings and old VHS cassettes that require the tracking button to make the screen clearer to view.

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