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Game Engine: Ocarina of Time on Unreal Engine 4


If Nintendo ever wanted to do another update on arguably the greatest video game of all time with next generation visuals, what would it look like? While we would look to the existing footage of the delayed Wii U title to get a feel for possibilities, a combination of a hardcore fan / unemployed game designers could show us the way. As a matter of fact, someone actually had the audacity to throw together what Kakariko Village would look like running on Unreal Engine 4. The results are stunning.

Kakariko Village is a much smaller map compared to the rest of the 64-bit incarnation of Hyrule, but one can dream of a connected world with the visuals in the video below. As if the visuals weren’t enough, even the music has been redone to match the updated visuals. The results are epic. Enjoy this one from YouTube User ArtistArtorias. Get a napkin to help with the drool as well.



Source: YouTube Page for ArtistArtorias




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