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Free EA Play Event in Hollywood June 10-12


Gaming giant and Nintendo Switch “wait-and-see” third party Electronic Arts is hosting EA PLAY this summer in Hollywood from June 10-12. Free tickets are now available on the EA website. Yes, you heard that right. Tickets for this event are free in the high-pitched voice of those mattress commercials by Sit N Sleep. Click here now to get your tickets confirmed or you’re just killing me Larry.

The games that EA is highlighting for this event are Star Wars Battlefront II, their next Need for Speed game, and the updates to marquee sports titles – Madden NFL 18, FIFA 18, and NBA LIVE 18. If you do not live in the Hollywood area but want to get a taste of this event, you can view “Live @ EA PLAY” online. It is a 90-minute show streamed live from L.A. on

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