The Walking Dead – Where Did The Zombies Come From?

TWD Season4

Glen Mazzara, the head honcho over at The Walking Dead sat down with The Wrap to talk about the show and its success. He also said that like the audience the writers are in the dark as to how the Zombie out break started. Get that? They don’t even know how it started. Here is what Mazzara has to say:

“Internally, we don’t know where the zombie outbreak started, how to cure it, anything like that. We haven’t really discussed it. We’re more interested in the continuing story lines. That’s something that’s not really addressed in the book, and that’s something that we’d like to keep.”

“This show is about our characters. And about them trying to stay alive, hold on to their humanity, find a safe place, hopefully rebuild civilization. Just everything’s collapsed. So they’re under incredible duress. It doesn’t feel right that they would have those answers, and even if they did have those answers, what would they do with them?”

Like Mazzara said, the zombie problem is not really addressed in the book. Robert Kirkman has never given us any type of clue of how the epidemic started. He stresses that the reasons for the zombie-ocalypse doesn’t matter and shouldn’t matter. What does matter is how the characters in the book adapt to the situation. How we as humans are forced to adapt to sudden circumstances.

So don’t go and try to search Google for how the zombies came to be. If you find an answer, it’s a lie!



[Source: The Wrap]



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