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DCEU: Wonder Woman Casting Rumors

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Good afternoon everyone. As you have read, heard, seen, there are a few rumors circulating around DC’s and Warner Bros. Wonder Woman film. Heroic Hollywood’s, Umberto Gonzalez, and The Fighter and the Kid podcast report that Warner Bros. is seeking three top tier actors to star in the upcoming Wonder Woman film. And they are: Sean Bean, Eva Green, and Cate Blanchett.

As we all know, Warner Bros. likes to keep to their own. All three of the aforementioned actors have starred in numerous Warner Bros. projects. It would be very interesting and equally awesome to see these three actors officially cast as characters in the highly anticipated Wonder Woman film. It will also be entertaining to see how Sean Bean will meet his demise or will director Patty Jenkins provide a twist and keep the actor formally known as Ned Stark alive?

So who are Sean Bean and Eva Green going to play?

Well, according to Gonzalez, Sean Bean is being considered for Ares, the God of War and Eva Green is being eyed for Circe, the Sorceress. Not bad. Not bad at all. Bean is a very capable actor and has the chops to do anyone IMO. Green is also equally talented and is a hot property in recent years. An official casting announcement of the two actors would be very big for both DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.

What about Cate Blanchett?

Actor and comedian, Bryan Callen, revealed on The Fighter and the Kid podcast that he auditioned for the role of a Scotsman for Wonder Woman. Callen went on to reveal that both Chris Pine and Cate Blanchett were present at said audition.

Here’s the blurb from The Fighter and the Kid podcast:

I auditioned for Wonder Woman, which is shooting in England. I had to play a Scotsman. The director is a good friend of mine, and she didn’t even call me. I’ll tell you where she is, she is in London with Chris Pine and with a couple of other really famous actors, like Cate Blanchett…

Well, I’ve always thought it would be a nice nod for the fans to cast Lynda Carter as  Hippolyta, but if the rumors are true and that casting nod goes to Cate Blanchett? That would be even more amazing. Blanchett is one of my favorite actresses and I would love to see her get involved in the super hero genre. The casting of Blanchett, Bean, and Green, if confirmed of course, adds a tone of legitimacy to the up coming project. Here’s to hoping that it works out.

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