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D23 2015: GameFob Will Be There


Here at GameFob, we’re thrilled to be attending the D23 Expo 2015 for the first time as media. The main day to look forward to is going to be Saturday morning when Marvel, LucasFilm, and Disney unleash their live-action film announcements. That’s the grandaddy of all the shows they have at the expo. Then again, the Friday Legends and Animation line-up are also enough to make us giddy as well.

Walt Disney Animation Studios (WDAS) and the wizards of Emeryville, Pixar Animation Studios, are equally a force to be reckoned with all on their own. We expect to hear more details on Zootopia and the sequel to Frozen. The studio responsible for this year’s Inside Out, earning a whopping 98% on Rotten Tomatoes by the way, has a second film due out this year. The Good Dinosaur is going to be released this Thanksgiving. It’s rare for Pixar to roll out two films in one year. It’s like waiting for Haley’s Comet to pass by Earth again, but apparently 2015 was the year.

Marvel and Kevin Feige have confirmed their presence at D23 for Saturday morning at 10:30 am PST on their website. We will be there to hear what this mega studio has in store for 2016 and beyond. Maybe we’ll get some actual Doctor Strange details to report.. Even more awesome but not out of the mystic realm of possibility, maybe we’ll get a screening of the Marvel’s Jessica Jones first episode. The MCU Netflix followup to this year’s Daredevil is now highly anticipated as the Matt Murdock world delivered an absolute small screen masterpiece.

In the galaxy far far away version of the Disney empire, who knows what we’ll hear. If Lucasfilm is looking to generate more excitement, they really don’t need to force it out of us. No pun intended. We expect the Star Wars fanbase there in full force, no pun intended again, especially with the presence of George Lucas on Friday morning. A new trailer for The Force Awakens may or may not be there, but one can have a new hope. I intended the pun that time. Yet, the mega news that may be dropped is the possibility of hearing about more about other Star Wars live action films that are in the works.

Finally on the Walt Disney Studios side of the house, we hope to hear more about the new Pirates of the Caribbean film. There’s a rumor floating out there that Orlando Bloom is going to possibly make his return to the franchise. Has it been 10 years since Will Turner started his new gig of shuttling souls to the afterlife? The third installment, At World’s End, was released in May 2007. We should probably expect a 2016 / 2017 release date for this money-pumping franchise. Also, expect more information on the live action conversions of Beauty and the Beast and Jungle Book.

Excited? I think so.



Sources: Marvel and Rotten Tomatoes

Photo Credit: D23 2015 Expo Website




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