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By Joe T, September 10, 2013 854 Game News, Game Preview

A new PS4 ad was released by Sony today and it was pretty awesome. Finally, we are able to witness the PlayStation 4 play/stream capability via the PS Vita. Check out the video below: It’s hard not to get excited over… Read More »

By Joe T, September 9, 2013 937 Game News, Gaming

PS Vita. Have one? Neither do I. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get one! (…for $200) TOKYO – -Sony announced a new look for the PS Vita. The new PlayStation device will allow users to enjoy video and… Read More »

By Joe T, September 1, 2013 619 Game Trailers, Gaming

SEATTLE — A new trailer for Xbox One’s Killer Instinct was shown at PAX Prime 2013 showcasing Chief Thunder. Check out the trailer below: Killer Instinct will be free to download for the Xbox One players. New characters will be… Read More »

By Joe T, September 1, 2013 385 Game News

SEATTLE — Comedian/actor, Jack Black, joins the voice acting-for-vide0-games world by joining the Double Fine project, Broken Age. The Tim Schafer ‘point-and-click’ project, first game of his of the genre, is highly anticipated in the gaming community. The announcement was made to public during… Read More »

By Joe T, August 29, 2013 197 Game News, Game Trailers

A new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V was released and it’s nothing short of amazing. Check it out below: Grand Theft Auto V (commonly shortened as GTA V) is an open world, action-adventure video game for the PlayStation 3 andXbox 360. It is being developed by Rockstar North and… Read More »

By Joe T, August 28, 2013 629 Game Trailers

Here’s the latest and greatest trailer for the upcoming sports game, NBA 2K14. 2K Sports has been proven year after year that they can make a compelling and fresh NBA video game. This years NBA video game features Lebron James… Read More »

By Daleamoeba, August 28, 2013 645 Comics, Cosplay, Game News

Again I say, cosplay is forever growing. This just handed to me, it appears that a handful of well known cosplayers will get their chance to be their very own video game character. A new RPG is in the fold… Read More »

By Mikenstein, August 28, 2013 648 Game News

The Nintendo 2DS, yes.. I didn’t stutter. OH YEAH!!! This is it guys! For the longest time I’ve been craving the delicious taste of handheld Nintendo titles and now I’m one step closer. Nintendo has introduced the new Nintendo 2DS,… Read More »

By Joe T, August 28, 2013 1,188 Film & TV, Gaming

Another installment of the short film series/web series, Mario Warfare by beatdownboogie has hit the internet and it’s still pretty cool. A bit corny… but still pretty damn cool. The latest installment features some parodies based on the movie Fight Club,… Read More »

By Joe T, August 28, 2013 422 Game News, Game Preview

There’s a new Kickstarter project (there’s one everyday) but, .Decimal, has caught my eye. So sit back and enjoy this promo video of theirs. Don’t worry… it’s hump day. You don’t have anything else to do. Orb Interactive has been… Read More »