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By Joe T, October 1, 2013 417 Culture, Film & TV, Gaming

Gamers and nerds rejoice! The World of Warcraft movie finally has a release date. 2015 just got a bit crowded. With Avengers Age of Ultron and Man of Steel 2 (Batman vs Superman) slated for a 2015 release, the World… Read More »

By Joe T, October 1, 2013 1,398 Game Trailers, Gaming

Check out the official gameplay trailer for the upcoming Bungie game, Destiny. Defend our home. Defeat our enemies. Become Legend. Pre-order Destiny now to get access to the Beta: From the creators of Halo and the company that brought you… Read More »

By Joe T, September 30, 2013 926 Culture, Gaming

Have some Grand Theft Auto V questions? Well, apparently… the Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters are here to answer your them. Below are episodes 1 and 2 of the web series hosted by DefendTheHouse. So if your puzzeld, go ahead and… Read More »

By Joe T, September 28, 2013 1,080 Cosplay, Gaming

Hello bored web browser, continuing with our Sexy Saturday series, here’s a collection of sex Final Fantasy cosplay. Enjoy! Haven’t heard of Final Fantasy? What?! Have you been sleeping under a rock for the past decade? Get out of my… Read More »

By Joe T, September 27, 2013 884 Game News, Gaming

Valve released it’s final announcement this morning and it wasn’t Half-Life 3. The digital solution company’s recent news shows how their trying to push their PC gaming into the living room. The new controller will work on past, present, and… Read More »

By Joe T, September 25, 2013 1,718 Comics, Gaming

Here’s another new trailer for Batman Arkham Origins. Oh and it’s about Deathstroke. Although the Warner Bros. Games Montréal title doesn’t have the klout that GTA V has, this game is still very much anticipated. With the studio change over, there… Read More »

By Joe T, September 25, 2013 982 Game News, Gaming

After releasing news of their new operating system, SteamOS, Today… Valve announced more about their hardware. Valve plans to outsource on construction of the newly announced hardware. From now on, everything they produce will revolve around SteamOS. Valve is turning… Read More »

By Joe T, September 24, 2013 1,566 Game Trailers, Gaming

Here are some new skins for Batman Arkham Origins. Play as Batman from Knightfall and… the Adam West TV show. It’s nice to see Warner Bros. and DC take a serious approach to the Adam West character. What am I… Read More »

By Joe T, September 23, 2013 958 Game News, Gaming

Valve has announced that Steam will have it’s own operating system titled, SteamOS. What is SteamOS? SteamOS is designed for the living room for in home streaming. Valve says that SteamOS will “combine the rock-solid architecture of Linux with a gaming… Read More »

By Joe T, September 20, 2013 39 Game Preview, Gaming

WWE 2K14 “30 Years of Wrestlemania” continues their release of classic matches. Here’s a list of the newly released matches to be available on WWE 2K14: WrestleMania 18: The Rock vs. Hollywood Hogan WrestleMania 18: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Triple… Read More »