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By Kathleen Rodil, July 12, 2015 0 Culture, Gaming

Rest in peace, Satoru Iwata. On behalf of our staff here at the Gamefob Network and gamers across the world, we thanks for beaming “directly” into our imaginations and our hearts. You will be forever missed. Iwata was a true… Read More »

By Crasher339, June 18, 2015 1 E3, Game News

EA and PopCap have officially unveiled the sequel to their highly-acclaimed quirky shooter, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare. Garden Warfare 2 (GW2) will focus on a Zombies-run Suburbia, now called Zomburbia, and in the new Graveyard Ops mode, you will… Read More »

By Crasher339, June 17, 2015 1 E3, Game News

At E3 this year, we were treated to a new trailer and new gameplay footage for Massive’s highly anticipated title, The Division. The gameplay gives us our first look at the seamless transition from the normal co-op world into the… Read More »

By Crasher339, June 17, 2015 1 E3, Game News

Microsoft and The Coalition have confirmed Gears of War: The Ultimate Edition. This remake of the original Gears of War features 1080p and 60fps visuals, 7.1 surround sound, completely reworked motion-capture, and all previously-released DLC. In fact, it will also… Read More »

By Magnumb P.I., June 17, 2015 1 E3, Gaming

The Mario Tennis franchise is back with an updated HD look and new power-ups. My time with the game confirms what I’ve always thought about the series…and that is it can only do so much with the game of tennis… Read More »

By Magnumb P.I., June 17, 2015 1 E3, Gaming

Nintendo‘s big title at E3 2015 was the return of Star Fox Zero, and I’m happy to report that it feels like a true successor to the Star Fox 64. No offense to Namco Bandai, who was charged with the… Read More »

By Magnumb P.I., June 16, 2015 1 E3, Gaming

Ok. The Digital Event just started. The major players – Satoru Iwata, Reggie Fils-Aime, and Shigeru Miyamoto – are puppets. “My puppet body is ready,” says puppet Reggie. 9:02 a.m. – The three executives are turning into Starfox characters. 9:03… Read More »

By Stubbled-CRT1, June 15, 2015 1 E3, Gaming

“At last. The Promise has been made.” Sony pulled out the big guns tonight by announcing that Final Fantasy VII will be remade in PS4 fashion. The 18 year old title is a beloved story and is etched into many… Read More »

By Eric Bell, June 15, 2015 0 Feature, Gaming

Check out our pals over at Epic Adventure Production, showing us a version of Game of Thrones that we would all love to see. To see more of the animator subscribe to his channel and more of Epic Adventure subscribe… Read More »

By Crasher339, June 14, 2015 2 Game News

As to properly start E3 week, Nintendo held its Super Smash Bros. presentation earlier today. The prerecorded video detailed upcoming DLC for the game on both consoles, WiiU and 3DS. The announced DLC items included: Lucas, Roy, and Ryu as… Read More »