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By Magnumb P.I., November 20, 2014 0 Game News, Gaming

For those of you who are avid Nintendo gamers, digital copies of the Wii U are available for pre-purchase and pre-loading through Nintendo’s online site and the e-Shop. Why does that matter? The Big N wants to make sure that… Read More »

By Griffyth, November 18, 2014 0 Gaming

Several people have asked how to get your first horse (mount) on Dragon Age Inquisition. It’s pretty simple, and you can get one right at the beginning of the game. All you have to do is complete the “tutorial” region… Read More »

By Magnumb P.I., November 11, 2014 0 Game Trailers

The Assassin’s Creed franchise has been making steady improvements to keep each installment fresh. The upcoming Unity has added many improvements with a streaming world inside and outside of buildings, as well as, parkour moves not just up the buildings,… Read More »

By Magnumb P.I., November 11, 2014 0 Editorial, Wii U

Everywhere you turn, it seems like the Legend of Zelda is everywhere these days. There was a period of time between the console releases of the SNES’ Link to the Past in 1991 to the 1998 N64 installment – Ocarina of… Read More »

By Magnumb P.I., November 10, 2014 0 Game Trailers, Gaming

The Big N’s online shooter Splatoon is scheduled as one of the company’s big entries in their 2015 spring/summer line-up. Nintendo recently released a single-player campaign trailer to show that the game is more than just an online shooter. Based… Read More »

By Magnumb P.I., November 2, 2014 0 Nintendo, Wii U, Wii U

The Wii U’s revival to profitability has been sparked by the release of Mario Kart 8 last June. This month, Wii U owners will be treated to a DLC for the price of $7.99. Here’s what you get: Three characters… Read More »

By Magnumb P.I., October 25, 2014 1 Game Trailers, Gaming

Slightly Mad Studios’ promising racing title Project Cars has been delayed from its November release to March of next year. To keep fans hyped for this title, publisher Namco Bandai has released a new trailer for the game. While this… Read More »

By Crasher339, October 23, 2014 1 Game Trailers, Gaming

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS  and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U  are fighting video games developed by Sora Ltd. and Bandai Namco Games and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U video game consoles. The two… Read More »

By Lando Trekken, August 26, 2014 3 Game Trailers, Gaming

Yakkem. Enough said. We’re excited to share our brand new NBA 2K15 Yakkem Trailer featuring NBA MVP Kevin Durant on the cover. NBA 2K15 hits the court with unprecedented life-like graphics, ultra-realistic NBA gameplay, and more. With over 5,000 new… Read More »

By Lando Trekken, August 23, 2014 1 Gaming

Welcome to the GameFob Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare compendium. Here are the latest and greatest trailers of the upcoming installment by Activision. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will hit shelves on November 4th. Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare – “Collapse”… Read More »