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By Daleamoeba, March 6, 2014 657 Comics, Film & TV

Finally, a trailer for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For has given unto us. It’s only been like… 9 years? Robert Rodriguez returns with another star studded cast to depict the Frank Miller classic, Sin City. Check out the… Read More »

By Daleamoeba, March 5, 2014 327 Comics, Gaming

AND WE’RE BACK! The Batman Arkham Knight trailer hit this week via DC and Warner Bros. And… yes and yes. Pre order it right now. Get up, get dressed, and pre-order the damn game! Now, this is just steam from… Read More »

By Daleamoeba, February 11, 2014 231 Comics, Film & TV

Gotham has found it’s Gordon. Ben McKenzie, who played Bruce Wayne/Batman in the DC animated feature, Batman Year One, will take center stage as Detective James Gordon. The good people at Fox are committed to this new series saying that… Read More »

By Daleamoeba, January 23, 2014 540 Comics, Film & TV

Do you want to read some possible Captain America The Winter Solider? Of course you do! The good folks over at ThisIsInfamous are reporting that: In some way, shape, or form, Hydra will resurface in the second Captain America film. Saw that… Read More »

By Daleamoeba, January 14, 2014 279 Comics

Wally West is coming back! In the wake of Manapul and Buccellato’s exit on DC’s, The Flash, the new team of Robert Venditti, Van Jensen, and Brett Booth are hoping to revitalize the title by bringing back the red haired… Read More »

By Daleamoeba, January 14, 2014 193 Film & TV, Gaming

From table tops to the big screen, Magic: The Gathering is headed to the big screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The good folks over at 20th Century Fox have closed a deal to bring the famed Hasbro card game… Read More »

By Daleamoeba, January 3, 2014 373 Comics, Culture

More Star Wars comic books in the works? You bet. The now Disney owned properties are set to release comic titles set to feature Luke, Han, Leia and Chewbacca, leaving Dark Horse comics in the dust. Seems like Disney is… Read More »

By Daleamoeba, December 28, 2013 345 Comics, Film & TV

So remember when the internet was speculating that Denzel Washington could be Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman vs Superman film? Well, although that is still a possibility, it seems that Washington is up for another role. A source is telling… Read More »

By Daleamoeba, November 6, 2013 2 Comics, Film & TV

El Mayimbe, the scoop guru from Latino Review, is reporting that Zack Snyder and camp are looking to bring Dick Grayson into the Batman Vs Superman fold. If you think about it, it kind of fits. We know that Snyder’s… Read More »

By Daleamoeba, November 6, 2013 367 Culture, Gaming

Boys, be nice to geek girls. A group of young woman were ridiculed by a group of boys who were saying that they weren’t real geeks. Well, those geek girls have responded and it’s pretty heartwarming. Geek girls unite? This… Read More »