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Adopt Boy to Your Digital Movie Collection


The iTunes store is definitely paying their respects to New Zealand / Maori filmmaker Taika Waititi this week. No, he’s not dead…and far from it. There is a limited time digital sale on Taika’s 2010 film Boy for $7.99. Why is this significant?


Here’s a quick fan’s biography:

Waititi is one of the most talented directors with Pacific Islander (PI) ancestry. His creativity has led to working on projects like Disney’s upcoming animated feature film – Moana. Not to be pegged in doing stories centered around Maoris, he also wowed studios with his uber funny vampire comedy What We Do In The Shadows. His strong resume was even more solidified with a recent 99% Rotten Tomatoes rating on his latest film Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Finally, for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that includes Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy, Waititi has been charged with bringing the third installment of Thor to the big screen.

Add Boy to your digital collection today. Hunt for the Wilderpeople will also release iTunes this Tuesday, September 13th. Click here to go to iTunes for your copy.

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