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A Second Week of Fear


Last week we got 90 minutes of Fear the Walking Dead (FTWD) and we gave it a decent score for its premiere. This week, the zombie outbreak is now spreading past the LA traffic (and underneath it). It’s going to be interesting how the Fear Brady Bunch regroups itself and responds to what’s happening. Again, our questions remain:

  • Will we see the origins of this government-released virus?
  • Are we going to be see characters from the Rick Grimes timeline this season? It’s probably too soon. Then again, we’re only getting a six-episode run here.

The trailer that AMC released as a sneak peak shows us our female protagonist,Maddie Clark, running through the high school with one of her students. They were pushing what looked like canned food. To be honest, this trailer didn’t reveal much of anything. It actually reminded me of Gross Pointe Blank and running through the hallways with the dead body of that freakish-looking, vertically-challenged assassin – Felix LaPoubelle. It sounds much more fearsome when Joan Cusack says his name. I digress. I’m still on the fence if she’s going to be the new Rick Grimes of Fear if the show is to continue past this pilot season. Does she have what it takes to draw in audiences and carry the show? She is, after all, a guidance counselor with a past. Hopefully, the “bad ass” within will make its way on to our small screens soon and the zombies will pay the price for their…uh…yeah.

Video Source: AMC’s YouTube Channel




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